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Detroit’s annual “Theatre Bizarre” Halloween festival

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Check out this blog for more hot rods and kustoms

lizannhall: I need to just get prints made. I think. (Taken with instagram)


Nautical Decals c.1950s (via)

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my husband was a motherfucking badass genius.  period. end of story.


*oh and that last frame is a scene built around an accident. Keaton tried to perform the daredevil leap, but he fell short, slipping off the second building and falling into a net. He was injured in the fall, but proceeded to use his mishap as the foundation for a new sequence with a complex series of secondary falls, through awnings, onto a drainpipe, through the window of a firehouse and down the fire pole. His genius made use of a dangerous mistake - turning it into an even better gag than if he’d actually made the jump.

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June and Johnny cash

Elizabeth Taylor